Reading Roundup 2022

Reading Roundup 2022!

One of my (rare) New Year's resolutions is to track what I've read better. I always like the look back. Here's a sampling of stuff I read this year (not including books, which I was pretty delinquent about, but trying to be kind to myself) that wasn't included in previous reading roundups. I tried to avoid sharing things that were super topical, but I think next year I'll include them because it acts as an anchoring in time. Special thanks to Metafilter and Mastodon and friends for linking many of these.

This year I moved across the country and am expecting a second kid in the spring, not to mention we're living in a pandemic no one wants to acknowledge anymore, so it's been A Lot. Here's hoping I can crawl out of the hole a little bit next year.

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