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I'm working on a couple of longer pieces right now, but wanted to get something up in the meantime to keep the momentum going. Here's a tweet I came across the other day and liked.

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Vocab List

Kanji Reading English Gloss Frequency Notes
できる to be able to 1949.53
自分 じぶん oneself 1010.73
多い おおい many, numerous 630.11
知る しる to know 542.19
人間 にんげん human being 446.79
以外 いがい other than, outside of 172.99
読む よむ to read 170.88
初めて はじめて for the first time 154.27
存在する そんざいする to exist 151.54
映画 えいが movie 94.34
驚く おどろく to be surprised 92.77
感情 かんじょう feelings, emotions 74.97
小説 しょうせつ novel (fiction book) 50.97
人類 じんるい humanity 41.36
減る へる to decrease 37.33
殺人事件 さつじんじけん murders, murder incidents 25.77 compound, 殺人 is 25.77, 事件 is 184.65
漫画 まんが manga 23.35
庶民 しょみん commoners, common people 13.06
くらい about, around (estimate) 12.65
アニメ anime 10.09
どなた polite form of だれ?/who? 9.53
流行する りゅうこうする to be popular 6.96
分かり合える わかりあえる to understand one another 0.72
どなたか someone (polite) 0 compound form
ツイート tweet 0 too new to show up in available corpora

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Kuromassan @ Participating in Aru Toshokan nite 13 Club

(Aru Toshokan nite looks like a doujinshi event of some kind)

I once read a tweet that said, "When novels are all the rage among the common people, the murder rate decreases. It's surprising to hear, but there were many people who realized that people other than themselves had feelings only after reading a novel for the first time. If you didn't understand 100% of humanity before, novels, movies, manga, and anime can help you understand 30%.