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I'm probably going to be pretty lackadaisical as to what I post here. Eventually I plan to tag based on grammar used and maybe do an average frequency tag so readers can find things that suit their level. But I'm just playing with stuff right now, so translating a tweet from a kids' version of the Yomiuri Shimbun seems kind of fun.

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Vocab List

Kanji Reading English Gloss Frequency
わたし I, me 1769.37
日本 にほん, にっぽん Japan 925.92
もう already 379.18
入る はいる to enter 372.01
意味 いみ meaning 321.75
アメリカ America, the United States 280.77
終わる おわる to be over 187.65
長い ながい long 140
住む すむ to live (in a place) 81.44
年生 ねんせい year, grade 37.44
夏休み なつやすみ summer vacation 15.6
小学 しょうがく elementary school 5.59
テキサス Texas 4.32

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Howdy! I'm Mei and I live in Texas. "Howdy" is how cowboys say "Hello." I'd be a second grader in Japan, but in America, the school year is over and it's summer vacation. Summer vacation in America is long!